Child Custody

In Georgia, Courts make child custody decisions based on what is in the “best interest” of the child.   However, the best interests of our client’s children are not just a legal phrase, it is a principle that guides us in representing our clients.

In a divorce action, the question of custody may be the most important issue to be contested.  Not only are there financial implications such as the payment of child support, the question of the welfare of the children demands detailed and often complicated facts to be fairly portrayed to the Court.

The Law Offices of Chester Jennings & Smith, LLC recognizes the importance of this determination and brings to bear not only our experience but also our resources for investigation.  We are committed to first trying to find a solution short of a trial but if no settlement can be reached we are ready to bring your matter before Court and fight for a fair resolution.

Likewise, we know that circumstances in life change and so do the needs of your children.  We are ready to help our clients understand the steps involved in a modification of custody and then present matter the most persuasive manner.  We work as if we are going to trial because this is often the best method to bring the other side to a fair settlement.